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The problem of intolerance to medications and how to overcome it.

Statistics show that in our time, many doctors are the easiest disease often jammed strongest means, even with a slight increase in temperature is prescribed antibiotics. This gave rise to a vast army of people with intolerance to antibiotics and other drugs.
An average of 3 to 7 percent of the world population suffer from intolerance to medication.
For Israel, this amount is from 216 to 504 thousand people of a total population of 7.2 million. This is a very big number. Sometimes confused with drug intolerance allergies. Doctors distinguish them by the reaction time. If nausea, headaches begin immediately — this intolerance. For allergies for the first time nothing happens. Symptoms occur, if you take the medicine again.
There may be allergic and anaphylactic shock — a super-fast reaction to Medications. Circulation deteriorates, the skin turns white, sometimes blue. Person becomes difficult to breathe, he faints.
Most often, the body responds to antibiotics state of shock. Indifferent, took a lot of drugs or small. It is enough that the body fell substances that he does not perceive. If the medication can not be replaced, they are beginning to take small doses. Since the human immune system gradually gets used.
The list of drugs that can cause allergic reactions, is very high. This is primarily penicillin and other antibiotics, and drugs containing aspirin in its composition. In addition, the cause of allergies are often anesthetic (pain killers), insulin, sulfa, codeine and barbiturates. Drug intolerance can occur to almost all drugs, even desensitizing agents (corticosteroids, diphenhydramine, epinephrine). But more often it is associated with antibiotics, sulfonamides, pyrazolone derivatives (aminopyrine, phenylbutazone), fenotiaziia, barbiturates, serums and vaccines, anesthetics.
We also offer a gentle, soft therapy with naturopathy. Naturopathy just shows people with drug intolerance. Our therapy is less effective than drug therapy with synthetic chemical drugs and is not harmful to human body. In addition, we have developed a creative method of treatment helps to dramatically accelerate the healing process.
Arthritis — one of the 10 most common diseases in the world. According to statistics from the World Health Organization arthritis suffer every 8-11 people.

Leech. Hirudotherapy.
Leeches, it is the same treatment as any other means to him to be the indications and contraindications.
In extremely rare cases idiosyncrasy leeches, but rather an allergy to hirudin. It either exists or it does not, appear in time it can not. Check the response to hirudin can at the first session, putting a beer.
For the treatment of arthritis application received drugs: methotrexate, metipred, diclofenac, indomethacin. These drugs at some time relieve inflammation, but do not cure, and have a major deleterious effect on the body. Each time, the dose of these drugs should be increased, because the body is getting used to.
In contrast to these drugs bee venom has a marked anti-inflammatory effect on the type of corticosteroids (cortisone, hydrocortisone), which are produced in the adrenal cortex and their synthetic analogs (prednisolone, metipred). But at the same time, bee venom has several important advantages over corticosteroids.
1. No water retention in the body, but on the contrary increases diuresis.
2. None cider cancel.
3. There is no atrophy of the adrenal cortex, bee venom just stimulates their work.
4. It has a strong analgesic effect.
5. Improves microcirculation joint tissue.
6. Normalizes the mobility of affected joints.
7. Prevents the progression of the process.
Summarizing the above, it is safe to conclude that the use of Hirudotherapy and Apitherapy is the most effective in diseases of the joints, as well as the most gentle to the human body because it does not use chemical synthetic drugs.
Offering treatment methods Нirudotherapy polyarthritis and Apitherapy, we are aiming to find out the biological and clinical experiments which of these types of natural therapy will help patients more polyarthritis not tolerate medication. To what extent these two natural treatment method may complement or mutually exclusive. And we very much want to combine these therapies with the new method, which we want to explore and implement in clinical practice Israeli medical centers and hospitals. We are confident in the success of this project.
Such studies in the world have not yet been conducted. It is a scientific and medical niche. At the end of the work we will be able to approve the Ministry of Health of Israel and to recommend to the widespread introduction of non-drug methods of hospital treatment. This will have serious medical value in the treatment profile patients who can not tolerate medication.
We have developed a creative method of accelerating the healing process. This method has been tested in one of the research institutes in Russia in 2000 — 2001 years and has shown excellent results. When using it, really quite fully acute stage of arthritis cure for up to 3 weeks. Biological experiment was made in laboratory animals, which showed a treatment efficiency and statistical reliability of the method. Unfortunately, we have signed confidentiality obligations do not allow us to illustrate the progress and results of the experiment. Results have not been published elsewhere without us will not be published. On this account there is a separate agreement.
Introduction: The experiment involved 200 male rats outbred lines Sprague-Dawley, 150-199 g live weight at the age of 39-43 days (5-6 weeks). Model was developed fever disease in acute form by the method of collection «Handbook of Animal Models of infection». 10-12 days after injection into the root of the tail developed acute inflammatory process with all typical manifestations: high fever, refusal to feed, large tumors of the joints of hind limbs, swelling of the limbs, loss of motor function of hind limbs. From the first day, all animals were visual assessment of the kinetics of the inflammatory process on a 5-point scale, and was measured with a caliper is swollen joints. On the 14th day of the new creative start therapy by 6 times a day every 4 hours. The control group received a placebo and experienced groups — different dose X-treated in our new method. Introduction done orally. After only two or three days in all experimental groups, a noticeable improvement in the general condition of the patients animals lowers the temperature, appetite returned and partially recovered motor function of hind limbs. After another 10-11 days full recovery occurred in experimental animals, but in some cases, the observed deformation of joints, takes a chronic form. But it is not of a mass character. Performed euthanasia of rats and samples were taken for various biochemical analyzes. Also during the period of the experiment from each experimental group euthanized some animals for interim analyzes. Analytical work has shown a positive effect of the new method of treatment.
Clinical studies have not been conducted.


We consider relevant and appropriate to hold a broad biological and clinical experiments for detailed study and scientific evidence of progressive experience in the treatment of arthritis.

This new method with apitherapy and hirudotherapy create a unique medical complex, which will be able to get permission FDA USA and received a U.S. patent or the European Union. This will give the opportunity to enter the international market with the priority of Israel on this issue.

Prof., Dr., Alexander Zabuty.



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