Israeli army examining purchase of wearable anti-drone device


The system, priced at $50,000, is developed by Israeli startup SKYLOCK and has already been sold to the U.S. Army and NATO forces

The Israeli army and police are considering the purchase of personal anti-drone systems manufactured by Israeli company SKYLOCK, part of the Avnon Group.The growing threat posed by hostile UAVs and the need to neutralize them from afar has resulted in a race to create personal devices to curb unauthorized drones, products that were previously only installed on vehicles.

The SKYLOCK wearable device. Photo: SKYLOCKThe SKYLOCK wearable device. Photo: SKYLOCK

SKYLOCK’s wearable system weighs only 1.5 kilograms and has already been sold to the U.S. Army and NATO forces. According to SKYLOCK, the system, which is worn like a vest, is capable of neutralizing any drone within one kilometer of the device.

The device includes a drone detector and an anti-drone jammer, which its operators can determine whether to use after they are notified by the system of a UAV in their vicinity. A single device is priced at $50,000.

Israel defense powerhouses Rafael, Elbit and Elta, a division in the Israel Aerospace Industries, all currently sell anti-drone products, but they are much heavier and cover greater distances. They are usually installed on buildings as a defense mechanism for strategic locations, while SKYLOCK’s device is meant for mobile forces, like a presidential guard or special army units.

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