Автор Эдуард Трифонов

Эдуард Трифонов

Professor, Dr. Edward Trofonov.

Biography Trifonov was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), USSR in 1937. He was raised by his mother, Riva, and his step-father, Nikolay Nikolayevich Trifonov. In his school years, he became interested in medicine and physics. As a result, he went to study biophysics in Moscow. He started his scientific career in the USSR. In 1976, he made aliyah (immigrated as a Jew) to Israel. His role model is Gregor Mendel.

Education and scientific career

With refuseniks and Andrei Sakharov before 1976Trifonov graduated[4] in biophysics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1961 and earned his PhD degree in molecular biophysics there in 1970. He worked as a researcher at the Moscow Physico-Technical Institute from 1961 to 1964. Then he moved to the Biological Department at the I. V. Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy in Moscow, staying there until 1975. After his immigration to Israel, he joined the Department of Polymer Research at The Weizmann Institute of Science as an associate professor. He worked there from 1976 to 1991 before moving to the Department of Structural Biology as a full professor in 1992. He was appointed professor emeritus in 2003. During that time, he was also a head of the Center for Genome Structure and Evolution at the Institute of Molecular Sciences in Palo Alto, California (1992–1995).

Trifonov has been a head of the Genome Diversity Center at the Institute of Evolution at the University of Haifa in Israel since 2002, and a professor at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic since 2007.

Membership of learned societies:

  • USSR Biochemical Society (1970)
  • The Israel National Committee for CODATA (1987)
  • International Society of Molecular Evolution (1993)
  • International Society of Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology (1997)
  • Editorial and advisory Boards
  • Editor, microbiology and biochemistry sections of Russian "Biological Abstracts" (1970–1975)
  • Editor, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics (1988–1995)
  • Editorial Board and Associate Editor, Journal of Molecular Evolution (1993–2004)
  • Academic Council of the College of Judea and Samaria (Kedumim-Ariel, Israel) (1994–1999)
  • Editorial Board of Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology (since 1997)