Автор Yuri Dekhtyar

Yuri Dekhtyar

Professor Yuri Dekhtyar (Jurijs Dehtjars) Director, Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Microtechnologies Riga Technical University Kalku iela 1 Riga, LV-1658 Latvia Phone: + 371 7089383, +371 7089422 Fax: +371 7089383 E-mail: dekhtyar@latnet.lv Born: June 19, 1947, Riga, Latvia Interests: Experimental physics: Solid State Physics: Investigations of imperfections in solid states/semiconductors, thin films and boundaries between them and a wafer. Electron Spectroscopy: Photoelectron and Exoelectron Spectroscopy; Development of Exoelectron Spectrometers. Biophysics: Electron Properties of Bio Tissues (bone, etc.). Languages: English, Latvian, Russian Education, skill improvement: Riga Technical University (Faculty of Automation), cum laude, 1971 Dr. phys. (Candidate of Science in former USSR, Ph.D. in Western countries), Ural Polytechnic Institute, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 1982 Dr. habil. phys. (Doctor of Science in former USSR), University of Latvia, 1992 Experience: Designer, Design bureau, Riga, Latvia, 1965-1966, 1971-1973 Junior Researcher, Group Manager, Chief Researcher , Associate Professor, Riga Technical University (RTU), Department of Microelectronics, 1973 - 1993. Professor, RTU, 1993 - Director, Institute of Electrotechnic and Electronic Materials and Technologies, RTU, 1994-2000 Director, Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Microtechnologies, 2000 - Honours and Awards: Corresponding Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 2001 Latvian State Prize, 1989 Professional Activities and Memberships: Expert, Promotion Council at RTU Member, Council of Institute of Electrotecnic and Electronic Materials and Technologies, Riga Technical University Expert, University of Latvia, Professor (in physics) Election Council; Expert, Medical Physics/Engineering European Network Member, Editorial Board of Physica Medica journal (ISSN 1120-1797) Member, New York Academy of Sciences (USA) Member, Materials Research Society (USA) Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (USA) Representative of the Riga Technical University at the European Scientific Institute, France. Member, Association of Latvian Scientists Member, Association of Latvian Physicists (member of the European Physical Society) President, Latvian Medical Engineering and Physics Society Member, European Society of Radiation Therapy and Oncology Lectures: On Exoelectron Spectroscopy Achievements: Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland (1992) 14-th (1991), 15-th (1993), 16-th (1995) and 17-th (1996) Karpacz seminars on the Exoelectron Emission (Poland) 11-th Int. Symp. on Exoelectron Emission, 1994 10-th Conference of the Polish Society of Medical Physics,1995 Chugoku National Industrial Research Institute, Japan, 1995 Martin Luter University, Germany, 1999 Florence University, Italy, 2000 Courses: at Riga Technical University: Physical Analysis of a Solid State Surface Physical and Mathematical Simulations Physics and Chemistry of a Surface Up-to-date Materials and Methods for Microelectronics Technology Manufacturing of Equipment Used for Producion Semiconductor Devices Microelectronics Technology Introduction to Medical Physics Physics of Radiation Therapy Physical Methods of Treatment and Diagnostics. Recent Main Publications: Exoelectron analysis of amorphous silicon. (With Vinyarskaya Yu.A.) Journal of Applied Physics, 1994, 75(8), pp.4201-4207. Electron and mechanical properties of bone during heating, evaluated by exoelectron emission and ultrasound. (With Gamza A., A.Tatarinov, H.Janson) Biomaterials, 1995, 16(11), pp.861-863 Structural imperfections in amorphous e-beam deposited and ion-beam-mixed Cu-Zr films tested by exoelectron emission. (With Katashev A., Kovalevsky A., Karpe N) Journal of Applied Physics, 1996, 79(2), pp.1078-1081 Failure and relaxations of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic tested by exoemission and luminescence methods. (With Arnautov A., Kawaguchi Y.) Int. J. Adhesion and Adhesives, 1997, V.17, N1, pp.75-78. Joint Baltic biomedical engineering and physics courses. (With H.Hinrikus, A.Katashevs, et.al.). - Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 1999, vol. 37, Suppl. 1, pp. 144-145. Bone material as ultraviolet dosimeter (with T.Bogucharska, A.Katashevs, A.Pavlenko, et.al). - In: Taikomoji Fizika, Kaunas, Tehnologija, 2000, pp.79-82 Dekhtyar Yu. Exoemission spectroscopy on micro- and nano- technologies with possible medical applications.- Journal of the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida. (Germany), Scientific Reports. 2002, N 11, pp.15-18. Rosenman G., Naich M., Molotskii M., Dekhtyar Yu., Noskov V. Exoelectron emission spectroscopy of silicon nitride thin films. – Applied Physics Letters, 2002, V. 80, N 15, 2743-2745. Ultraviolet induced spectrally depended exoemission of bone material (with T. Bogucharska). – Journal of the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, 2003, N.7, pp.53-55. Microstructural and electrical characteristics of several centuries bones (with V. Zemite, H.-J. Hein, V. Noscov, J. Vetra, G. Sagalovics, R. Zanovskis). – Biomedical Engineering, Kaunas. 2003, pp.23-27. The influence of X-ray radiation on the mineral/organic matrix interaction of bone tissue: an FT-IQ microscopic investigation (with W.Hubner, A.Blume, R.Pushnjakova, H.-J. Hein). – International Journal of Artificial Organs, 2005, vol.28, No 1, pp.66-73. Natively charged hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for implants (with V.Bystrov, A.Karlov, A.Katashev,et.al). - J.Biomechanics, 2006, vol. 39, Suppl 1, p. S592. Anthropometrical approach to estimate a human body volume (with A.gerina-Berzina, G.Diksite, J.Vetra). - J.Biomechanics, 2006, vol. 39, Suppl 1, p. S645. Research Projects: (Principal Investigator). Photothermoinduced Transformations of Electron and Mechanical - Acoustical Properties of Bone Tissue. LB 1000. International Science Foundation (ISF), (1994). (Scientist in Charge). Assessment of Quality of Bone in Osteoporosis, PECO, PL93-1114, European Community (1994) (Head of Project). Double Photothermostimulated Electron Spectroscopy of a Surface. Latvian Council of Science (1993-1994). (Head of Project). Photothermostimulated Electron Emission from Materials with an Energy Gap. Latvian Council of Science (1995-1996). (Head of Project). Optically Stimulated Electron Transitions on Bone Tissue Characterization. Latvian Council of Science (2001 -2004). (Head of Project). Age-Depended Structural and Electronic Properties of Bone . Latvian Council of Science (2001 -2003). (Head of Project). Informativity of Exoemission Analysis on Paleopathological Changes of Bones Belonging to Different Centuries. Latvian Council of Science (2004 -). (Head of Project). Electronic Properties of Hydroxylapatite Nanoparticles Ensemble. Latvian Council of Science (2005 -). (Co-ordinator). Multifunctional Percolated Nanostructured Ceramics Fabricated from Hydroxyapatite. EC Prpject NMP3-CT-2003-504937 (2004-2006). (Co-ordinator). Ferroelecricity on the Molecular Level. INTAS Project INTAS Ref.Nr. 03-51-3967 (2004-2006).