A single Mediterranean, possibly Jewish, origin for the Val59Gly CDKN2A mutation in four melanoma-prone families.



Автор: проф., д.б.н. Э. Якобсон + др.

A single Mediterranean, possibly Jewish, origin for the Val59Gly CDKN2A mutation in four melanoma-prone families.

Единственное средиземноморское, возможно еврейское происхождение для мутации Val59Gly CDKN2A в четырех семьях, подверженных меланоме.


Yakobson E1, Eisenberg S, Isacson R, Halle D, Levy-Lahad E, Catane R, Safro M, Sobolev V, Huot T, Peters G, Ruiz A, Malvehy J, Puig S, Chompret A, Avril MF, Shafir R, Peretz H, Bressac-de Paillerets B.

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We have screened for CDKN2A germline mutations in 49 Jewish families with two or more cases of melanoma. The Val59Gly mutation, one of the three different alterations identified among these families, was also detected independently in two kindreds from France and one from Spain. The impact of the Val59Gly substitution on the function of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p16(INK4a), a product of the CDKN2A gene, was assessed by protein-protein interaction and cell proliferation assays and related to potential structural alterations predicted by molecular modeling. Seven microsatellite markers in the vicinity of the CDKN2A gene were used to determine whether the mutation in these families is identical by descent, or represents a mutational hotspot in the CDKN2A gene. Our results show that the Val59Gly substitution impairs p16(INK4a) function, and this dysfunction is consistent with structural predictions. All melanoma-affected individuals tested in the families under study harbor this mutation. Interestingly, the Israeli pedigree includes an affected individual who is homozygous for the Val59Gly mutation. A common haplotype of microsatellite markers has been demonstrated for mutation carriers in all four pedigrees. The Israeli pedigree and one of the French melanoma families are of Moroccan and Tunisian Jewish descent, respectively, and the other families originate from regions of France and Spain close to the Pyrenees. We conclude that the Val59Gly mutation is a major contributor to melanoma risk in the families under study and that it may derive from a single ancestral founder of Mediterranean (possibly Jewish) origin.

PMID: 12700603 DOI: 10.1038/sj.ejhg.5200961

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Эммануил Якобсон

Профессор, доктор биологических наук;


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